How to use a sex doll (video)

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This video is very interesting – be sure to check it out! :D

A sex doll comes equipped with at most three holes and a few outfits. All you have to do is slap some lubricant on your penis, choose a hole and get to work. It is as simple as that.
Clean up. Make sure you clean out its orifices when you are done. No matter how hard you try, you just will not get it pregnant. So, there is no point to leaving all that semen in there. Use warm water and soap to clean it. Apply one of those disinfectants to kill anything else floating around in the sex doll.
The outfits. If you really want to go there, you can. Depending on the mood you are in one day, you can choose outfits for your sex doll.

Riding a Sex Toy in Public (Prank…)

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This is so funny.. check it out here:

Tips for a Pleasant First-Timer Vibrator Usage

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Using a vibrator can be a bit challenging for first-timers. It could be challenging because a first-timer might not be sure of how to use it for maximum pleasure. This could be the case for those who are accustomed to manual sexual stimulation. Such scenario is very similar to that of switching from a manual to an automatic car. Driving an automatic car is supposed to be easy but the procedures involved for it to become easy can be tricky. This also applies to the first time vibrator usage. If you are a first-timer, follow the tips below and make your sexual arousal amazing.

1. Begin by Setting the Right Mood.

vibratorThe first step to set the right mood is to find a place where you are intimate and comfortable. The space should be away from interruptions by people, phone calls, pet sounds, etc. Secondly, try doing things that will drive you into the mood. Little things like music, porn clips, dim and colorful lights, etc. are the things that will make you start feeling like you really want it.

2. Start Arousing Yourself Manually

Do this as a warm up. Use your fingers to arouse yourself by gently massaging your sensitive zones. Visit the zones like your inner thighs, clitoris, and vaginal lips to discover how they feel. This is a preparation that will enhance a smooth transition from manual to the toy’s stimulation.

3. Test-run Your Toy and Make Preliminary Contacts

If your vibrator has multiple speed levels, familiarize yourself with each level. This can be done by testing each pace on your thighs or other sensitive zone for a few seconds. I guess you are now familiar with the different speeds. According to the best vibrator review on pleasuredame you can use any of these sex toys.

Starting on the lowest speed, drive the vibrator’s head towards your sexually sensitive regions, e.g. inner thighs or vulva lips. At every point, where the vibrator settles, ensure you are comfortable with it. The vibrator should trace the same path that your fingers had initially followed (in Tip 2 above). As you move the toy around, do a comparison of the sensation produced by your fingers to that produced by the vibrator, i.e. similarities and differences.

4. Familiarize Yourself with Clitoral Orgasm

Clitoral orgasm is the first step to a pleasant vibrator usage. It’s true that this zone might be very sensitive for the toy’s movements. In order to familiarize the zone with the vibrator, begin slowly with the external clitoral muscles. Allow the arousal to build. As you apply varying pressures to the clitoral muscles, continue with advancing the position of the vibrator to a deeper region of the clitoris. In the end, you’ll be familiar with the toy’s clitoral sensation.

The next step is to vary the speed of the vibrator while applying varying pressures on the clitoris. At this point, you should allow the arousal to build naturally. Give in to the arousal by relaxing your abdominal muscles and breathing normally.

5. Internal Vibrations and Intrusion

Have you noted that we’ve not yet allowed the vibrator to slip into the vagina? At this point, you can now allow it to know what lies beyond the clitoris. Starting with the vibrator’s lowest speed, begin stimulating a deep sexual intercourse. Insert the toy’s tip into your vagina slowly. Push it further inside, as far as you can still feel comfortable. Don’t push too far to an extent of losing the grip on your vibrator. As long as you are comfortable, move your toy in and out continuously. Play around with your toy, locating the best feeling. Don’t forget that your G-spot exists. Locate it and stimulate it as well.

I believe with the tips above, you will no longer be a first-timer when it comes to any kind of vibrator usage.